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varicose veins surprise mesa AZ

Varicose Veins – What is it and What Causes the Condition?

varicose veins surprise mesa AZ

Varicose veins is a common condition, and which is likely to affect 20 percent of the adult population at some point. Quite basically, the condition occurs when one’s veins enlarge and swell to an extend that they become visible under the skin — the result of which, some people begin experiencing pain and discomfort.

The condition mostly affect the legs, but that’s not to say they may not affect other parts of the body as well. Usually, the vein will turn to dark or purple color, becoming lumpy or twisting in appearance at some point.

Typically may start to experience, discomfort, swelling, tingling, burning or more. If the swelling and aching become unbearable, or the patient ends up experiencing considerable discomfort, there are a number of treatment options to look into here at Pinnacle Vein & Vascular Center, one by starting off with our free visual vein screening!

In severe case the vein may rapture or lead to skin varicose ulcers, which heightens the need for treatment.

What Causes Varicose Veins

At core level, varicose veins occur as a result of dysfunctional valves inside the veins. When these valves stop functioning properly, what follows is the vein swelling and enlarging.

When the veins are healthy, there’s usually a smooth flow of blood to the heart. To prevent a backward flow of blood, these veins feature a string of tiny valves that do open and close to facilitate a smooth flow of blood in and outside the veins.

In the off chance that these valve becomes weakened, the flow of blood is interfered with. In which case, your blood may start to flow backwards, collecting in the veins at some point — and when this happens, the veins swell, bulge and enlarge, leading to the vein discomfort some people experience.

This doesn’t just occur in its own, there are a number of factors that heighten one’s chances of developing varicose veins and they include:

. – Gender: Females are more prone to developing varicose veins as opposed to their male counterparts.
. – Genetic: There’s an aggravated chance of suffering from varicose veins when there’s a close member of the family that’s diagnosed with the condition.
. – Aging is another factor that may usher in varicose veins. Basically, the valves in the veins weaken the more a person ages.
. – Overweight. Needless to say, being overweight could significantly increase one’s chances of suffering from the condition.
. – When one’s job entails standing most of the time, eventually the valves become tired and may start allowing a backward flow of blood.
. – Being pregnant. Pregnancy has been found to heighten the odds of suffering from the condition. That’s because there’s an increase in the amount of blood that’s needed to support the baby they’re carrying.
. – Other Conditions: Varicose veins may result from a series of other conditions. For instance, when the patient suffered a blood clot at some point in life, had an aggravated tumor or swelling in the pelvis, or has abnormal blood vessels.
. – Lastly is an injured leg, which may end up damaging the veins –thus, interfering with the flow of blood and ushering in the condition.

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varicose veins

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