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Can Leg Pain Interfere with Your Holidays?

As you switch to the holiday mood, you may experience leg pain resulting from the strain. Besides doing marathon shopping, decorating your house, cooking holiday meals and spending a lot of time standing can cause leg pain and swelling. Prolonged standing builds pressure in your lower legs. As a result, the water seeps into the surrounding cells causing swelling. It is normal for your legs to swell, but the condition may be serious if you experience pain.

What is venous reflux?
Venous flux refers to a condition when the valves in your leg veins stop working, making the blood pool in the lower extremities causing pain. As more blood flows to the lower part of your leg, surrounding cells absorb more water making your legs swell. Therefore, during the day, your legs might throb or ache, although the pain may subside at night.

Leg pain can be caused by thrombophlebitis (clots due to inflammation) and deep vein thrombosis (clots formed in large leg veins). The two conditions can cause serious health conditions if they are not treated. Remember, arterial insufficiency can also cause leg pain. Arterial insufficiency occurs when the muscle needs surpass the blood supply causing pain in the lower legs.

Although most people assume leg pain is normal, it can cause serious health problems. During this holiday season, it is essential to discuss any leg pain or swelling with a surgeon to avoid inconveniences. Finally, avoid standing or sitting for long periods or engaging in strenuous activities to enjoy your holidays.

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