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The Connection Between Varicose Veins and Poor Circulation

The Connection Between Varicose Veins and Poor Circulation

Varicose veins often indicate an underlying circulation issue that requires medical attention. Abnormal veins can restrict blood flow in the legs, leading to symptoms like pain, swelling, restlessness, and fatigue. If left untreated, poor circulation from damaged veins poses dangerous risks.

When the valves inside the veins stop working properly, blood collects rather than circulating back to the heart. The veins overfill with blood and become damaged, enlarged, and twisted. Varicose veins bulge under the skin and appear ropy and darkened. Without healthy circulation, blood can pool in the veins of the legs and feet. This pooled blood may form painful blood clots or lead to life-threatening conditions like deep vein thrombosis.

Poor circulation from damaged veins also causes common symptoms in the legs like aching, throbbing, muscle cramping, numbness, and skin discoloration. As varicose veins worsen, skin may stiffen or harden near the affected veins. Untreated circulation problems can progress to more severe consequences like skin ulcers, bleeding, chronic venous insufficiency, and tissue death. Diagnosing and treating any underlying vein issues is crucial for restoring proper blood flow and preventing complications.

If you notice any signs of varicose veins or poor circulation, schedule a vascular screening. Vascular experts can examine your veins, evaluate your symptoms, and determine if damaged veins are the root cause of your leg discomfort and circulation changes. Based on your diagnosis, minimally invasive treatment options like laser ablation can durably seal damaged veins and restore normal blood flow. With improved circulation, you can resolve chronic discomfort and symptoms in your legs. Don’t live with painful, unsightly varicose veins and wait for them to progress. Take control of your vein health now and contact our vascular specialists to learn more and schedule your vascular evaluation.

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