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What is Vein Ligation?

Vein ligation

Vein ligation is a minimally invasive procedure that helps corrects reflux, or venous insufficiency, in the legs.  People often get insufficiency when the leg veins stop blood from traveling back to the heart from the lower extremities.  Valve issues in the veins can then cause some big issues. The valves tend to incorrectly allow for blood flow in both directions. not just back to the heart.  This then causes blood to gather and pool in the legs.  If this issue is left untreated, redness, swelling, pain and even ulcers or worse may result.

Cause of Venous Insufficiency:

Insufficiency in veins is often more common in people with these factors:

  • family history
  • pregnancy
  • age
  •  obesity
  • trauma to the legs
  • previous blood clotting issues
  • high blood pressure in leg veins
  • sitting or standing for long periods of time
  • smoking
  • varicose veins

Some common symptoms are:

  • swelling in legs
  • swelling in ankles
  • redness
  • heat or hot feeling legs
  • discoloration
  • tight feeling calves
  • itchy feeling legs
  • pain while walking
  • brown-purple colored skin by ankles
  • ulcers
  • tingling

About the Vein Ligation Procedure
The vein ligation procedure involves tying off the vein so that blood flow reroutes to nearby healthy veins for improved circulation.  Our board certified providers at Pinnacle Vein and Vascular Center can perform this procedure for you. There is minimal post-procedure discomfort and most patients are often able to return to work the day following the procedure.

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vein ligation

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